Katty Coffron

I’m not sure I would have survived the EFT learning curve without Sandy! When I was an EFT newbie, I was on the EFT list-serve and came across an e-mail from Sandy. She was talking about how risky and scary it is to try to learn something new. I immediately felt a connection to her. I … Continued Reading

Sharona Silverman MPH

As the Executive Director of a healing center, my job includes providing referrals for counselors.  I am always pleased to recommend both Sandy Jardine and Douglas Jardine as they each provide a high level of expertise, deep listening skills, compassion, warmth and a depth of experience in working with individuals, couples and groups. We are … Continued Reading

Marcia McMurtrey, ACSW, LCSW

Sandy Jardine is a long time colleague of mine.  She is the best couples therapist I know.  Sandy is a master of the art and science of couples therapy—especially Emotionally Focused Therapy. She is devoted to helping her clients achieve a safe, connected, trusting and loving relationship with themselves and each other.    If you see … Continued Reading

Shane Adamson LCSW

I found Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) about 6 years ago.  My capacity to fully utilize the power of this model was a slow process until I met Sandy.  Sandy is a gifted clinician.  She really understands and teaches the EFT model well.  The thing I love most about our supervision sessions is she REALLY gets … Continued Reading

Sigal Attias MA, LPC, NCC

“I participated in two of Sandy’s EFT Supervision consultation groups as well as individual EFT Supervision/Consultation.  I feel comfortable and safe with Sandy. I trust her to help me grow personally and professionally. She gives me room to explore my learning edges and self of therapist issues in a spirit of openness and freedom.  She … Continued Reading

clinical supervision-1

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy for many years now as her Emotionally Focused Therapist Trainer and Supervisor.  I cannot say enough about her commitment to EFT –especially the training and supervision process.  Sandy is a wonderful teacher, patient and kind to her supervisees.  She allows them the space to discover their … Continued Reading