Are you feeling unloved and disconnected?

Relationship distress is some of the worst pain in life. We all long to feel seen, heard and valued by the person we love. When that connection is stressed or you cannot feel the safety and closeness you once felt, it feels like your world is falling apart.

In an effort to protect your relationship so it doesn’t blow up, you walk on eggshells, avoid each other or shut down. Or you try to talk, you try to be heard– only to have arguments which lead to further hurt, and the fear that you will never feel close again. No matter how hard you try, how hard your partner tries, the awful cycles continue.

Common problems couples have. Do these feel familiar?

  • Having the same fight over and over with no real resolution.
  • Feeling anxious depressed or stressed.
  • Not trusting your partner.
  • You do not feel seen, heard or valued.
  • Even the smallest things spark an argument.
  • You don’t argue anymore. It feels like both of you have given up.
  • You’ve stopped making love because you are so hurt and angry.
  • You feel stuck. You are not sure whether you should stay or go.
  • No matter what you do, nothing seems to help make your relationship feel safe, loving and secure.

Your relationship doesn’t have to stay this way. You don’t have to struggle alone. We can help you feel loved and connected again.

We can help you create the relationship you desire. Douglas & Sandy Jardine

To begin your process of healing and transformation, call Sandy Jardine, M.S., Licensed Professional Counselor (480-990-9128), or Douglas Jardine, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (602-538-9094). We will answer your questions, provide a brief, free, phone consultation, and set up an appointment.