Grief Counseling

grief-counseling-phoenix-scottsdaleHave you lost a loved one?
Does it seem like all you value is falling away?
Are you unsure how to move forward in your life?

You don’t have to face your grief alone.

Sometimes the losses in a life are overwhelming. That’s when an experienced grief counselor can help.

Together, we can honor your losses, strengthen your system of support, increase your self care, and gently guide you toward feeling whole again.

Grief counseling can help you heal and move on from your pain. It can help you begin to organize your life and your thinking in new ways, so new possibilities for purpose and meaning can emerge.

I have helped individuals deal with the loss of a spouse or child from illness or accident. I have helped survivors manage the feelings that arise from a suicide. I have supported people through their pain after the loss of a beloved pet. And I have assisted those who have been wrenched from a role they loved –- perhaps due to divorce, downsizing, or relocation.

As humans, we need to share our grief. That is how we make meaning of our losses and continue to grow. I am honored to assist in such a process.

Please call me (Douglas) at 602-538-9094, so I can begin helping to ease some of the pain of your loss.