End of Life Issues

Are you immobilized by end-of-life decisions?
If so, I can help.

end-of-life-issues-scottsdale-phoenixFor most of us, emotions can be overwhelming as we try to make “the right” decisions to prepare for the end of life issues of someone we love. These decisions are scary. They are so important, and we have little training on how to make them. Yet, if we get overwhelmed or fail to take prompt action, we can have a disaster on our hands.

Of course there are physicians and lawyers who are ready to help. But even with their expert assistance, there is a critical area that if ignored, can leave you stuck.

That critical area is the emotional factors that too often delay our visit to the lawyer’s office until it’s too late and may keep us from asking the hard, “what if” questions of aging parents, until they’re past the time when they can make good decisions for themselves.

As a Gerontologist and Counselor experienced in end-of-life concerns, I can help you with…

  • Anticipatory sadness about death — your own or the death of someone you love.
  • Conflicted loyalties about how to provide fairly for ALL your loved ones after you’re gone.
  • Fears about offending an elderly parent if you discuss the “God-forbid” situations that may terrify you more than them.
  • Frustration with a care giving role that is mostly drain and strain.

As we talk about these matters, you can sort out emotions that may be burdening you. You can gain clarity. You can gain new perspectives. You can grow in serenity.

If you are facing these issues jointly with a spouse, siblings, or partner, I can facilitate the discussions between you. After that, it will be easier for you all to agree on a way forward.

If your next stop after my office is an attorney or physician, you will be clearer in your feelings and more focused about what you want. That way you can make best use of the attorney or physician’s expertise and time.

I can help you address stuck places, remove barriers to action, and free you up to make the hard choices, in consultation with your lawyer or physician.

To begin lightening the load of the end-of-life issues that may be weighing you down, call me (Douglas) at 602-538-9094. I can answer your questions, provide a brief, free, phone consultation, and set up an appointment.