Emotionally Focused Therapy: What it is, and how it can help you and your clients

I’ve been a therapist for 35+ years and I’ve focused on working with couples for the past 25 years. I’ve seen methods come and go and have been privileged to have extensive training with the best in the field. Even though I saw progress and change with my couples, I always felt something was missing. … Continued Reading

How a Secure Relationship Can Help Your Depression

We all know that when our primary relationship is distressed, we feel anxious and depressed. We also know that depression can have a devastating effect on an intimate relationship. It becomes a vicious cycle. There have been numerous studies documenting this fact. Relationships with a depressed partner are often characterized by negative communication, blame, withdrawal, … Continued Reading

How to Choose a Marriage Counselor – For Couples Coping with Prostate Cancer

We all need special support when dealing with a life-threatening illness. The emotional, relational and sexual aspects of coping with prostate cancer are complex. Typically, physicians focus on dealing with eliminating the cancer. For most of us, we need additional kinds of support and healing after the cancer is gone. For many, that means looking … Continued Reading