Addiction Counseling

Don’t let alcohol dependence or some other addiction destroy your life.

alcoholic drunk man thoughtful on alcohol addiction at bar of pubI can help you address a wide range of addictions, including dependencies on alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, gambling, or pornography. I can also assist you in all stages of the recovery process — from “just thinking about it” to maintaining a recovery that lasts.

As a specialist in both relationships and addiction counseling, I understand the damage that an ongoing addiction does to a relationship. The loss of trust and safety combined with the terrible feeling that your partner is more in love with the object of addiction than with you is devastating.

I also understand how easy it is for good people  to get “hooked.”  I will work with you and your partner, to keep an addiction from drowning you and your family relationships.

I know the steps most likely to rebuild and heal your relationship and to help the person you love “get clean.”  The process of addiction counseling can help you build the safety, love and connection again. Healing is possible.

Get assistance BEFORE the problem gets bigger.

In some cases, there is not yet a problem with full-blown dependence or addiction, even though you may be headed in that direction. If so, we can work together to change a potentially dangerous pattern before it overwhelms you and those closest to you.

Please don’t wait.

Call me (Douglas) at 602-538-9094. Together we can develop a plan to restore balance and serenity to your life.